Ann Collins-Acroyd

Ann came to yoga as a teenager and has dipped in and out of yoga ever since. Yoga has been a constant for the last 20 years. Ann regards yoga as an enquiry into body & mind: combining the challenging lively aspects of the asana and the focus on breath – easing the student into a calmer transformative state.
One aspect of yoga that Ann is drawn to is the blending of Sthira Sukha. Sthira, being strength & stability and Sukha being softness and openness – opposing qualities, yet working along side each other.

Ann views yoga as a curious, fun, serious and deeply rewarding dialogue that enhances our daily life. Ann completed her teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga, and has been teaching since 2006.

Ashley Jones Kundalini

Ashley has practiced yoga in it’s varying styles for nearly 20 years. In early 2000 she stumbled upon a small Kundalini class and was instantly transfixed. Deciding to deepen her knowledge of this powerful practice she embarked on the teachers training program with iSKY, (International School of Kundalini Yoga) in the UK. Today Ashley teaches full time publicly and privately in and around London. Ashley is committed to sharing this and other powerful tools to transform and heal mind and body to facilitate a deeper connection to self/soul.

Francesca Cross

Francesca who runs the Yoga Body Centre has been practicing yoga for 35 years. Francesca is BWY, (British Wheel of Yoga), trained and has recently been certified to run Foundation Course Teacher Training by the British Wheel. (see the Workshops page for more information on the next FCTT course and how to apply). Having Grown up traveling around the Middle east and India she was introduced to Yoga at the age of 15 by a family friend – whose advice to her was – “to be in control of yourself, you must learn to control the shadows” – Francesca began practicing – promising to practice every day – this has continued more or less to this day – and she is still working on those shadows!

After the birth of her second child Francesca decided to start attending taught / teacher led classes here in London, inspired by her own teachers Francesca began to train and teach Yoga to others; she has been teaching for ten years – striving to teach as well as her mentors and teachers.

Erika Charters

Erika has an extensive background in dance and mindful movement which influences her teaching to create a fluid and flowing breath centered class. Erika has been teaching for 8 years and began teaching after experiencing the positive effects of Pilates and Yoga for injury prevention, body conditioning, clarity of mind, creativity and emotional balance. Erika is trained in STOTT Pilates, Rajadhiraja Yoga and AiM Movement. Her classes focus on alignment and body awareness to help you build strength, find ease and re balance both body and mind.

Gosia Iskra

Gosia offers classes that are highly inspired by the teachings of BKS Iyengar, Bichar Publishing Trust, Restorative and Womb Yoga, bringing an unique blend of bodily workout and spiritual grounding.

Her deepest intention is for the students to experience the class in a holistic manner; to renew and relax profoundly, providing hands on adjustments only if needed. She puts attention on correct alignment and prevention of injuries over speed and competitive achievement. She is confident to assist and support those who are ready to further their practise or simply need more of a challenge. She is passionate to share her anatomical, philosophical and esoteric knowledge of yoga.

Gosia carries and offers a vision of yoga as a global space of diversity, a living and growing form, a respectful and responsible matrix in a multitude of ways of experiencing and expressing the wisdom of yoga.

Everyone is welcome.

Jaqui Wan

Jaqui is a supportive yet challenging teacher. Her practice is both powerful and dynamic but she also encourages playful collaboration and connection.
Jaqui is a certified yoga, AcroYoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. She was one of the first certified teachers in AcroYoga and was partly responsible for introducing this new and exciting form to the UK. She has for the past years focused her energies on European acrobatics and is a keen base and flyer.
Jaqui has been practicing hatha yoga for almost 20 years. She was inspired into yoga by David Sye of Yoga Beats, her first teacher. She has studied under the tutelage of celebrated instructors including Sri Venkatesh of Atma Vikasa , undertook formal teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Brian Cooper and Nawajoyti. Her last teacher training explored the world of Tom Myers’s myofascial trains and movement. She is keen practitioner and teacher and has been inspired by Dharma Yoga.
Long term, Jaqui is motivated in discovering creative ways and new opportunities for yoga, acroyoga and acrobatics to cross over and enrich everyday life for anyone and everyone.

Jayne Miller

Jayne teaches dynamic, fluid yoga with a strong focus on healthy alignment and body awareness. Her own practice of more than 20 years has taken in many styles including Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Anusaura. She brings in elements of them all to her teaching to create energising, yet relaxing and varied classes, synchronising breath and movement. Classes are designed to help students increase balance, mobility, strength and focus, and to develop confidence in their own practice.

Jayne trained with Yogacampus and is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance (international professional organisation for yoga teachers). She teaches hatha flow, ashtanga, pregnancy and restorative yoga. Jayne believes that yoga is a life-long learning process, and continues to develop her skills through regular trainings in anything from anatomy to therapeutics and yoga for emotional imbalances. Her practice and teaching is influenced by many wonderful teachers who have encouraged her to diversify and explore different traditions along the way. She aims to pass on that inspiration and enthusiasm to her own students.

Mara Musso

Mara Musso has been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 20 years. Her teaching style has been described as ‘both encouraging and challenging the student’.

Over the years Mara has taught extensively in Central and North London, including teaching several BWY Foundation Courses, one BWY Teacher’s Diploma Course as well as workshops and retreats.

Mara’s yoga background is varied ranging from gentle Hatha Yoga, meditation, Iyengar Yoga and Astanga Yoga, with Astanga Yoga her strongest influence.

Mara and Francesca will be teaching a BWY Foundation Course at YBC from April 2015.

Marc Cross

Marc’s yoga journey started in 2012 when he began to practice Iyengar regularly. Having that as his foundation he then explored other types of yoga like Vinyāsa Flow, Forrest and Yin. Finally discovering Aerial Yoga in 2013. In early 2017, Marc became the apprentice of Richard Holroyd founder of Aerial Yoga London and that Summer Travelled to San Diego to qualify as a Yoga Trapeze Instructor under the guidance of Lucas Rockwood. That same year Marc deepened his knowledge of this unique form of yoga by training under Gravotonics lead instructor Karen Finck. With Richard’s departure to India, Marc founded Hang Out Yoga UK and aims to further evolve and develop both Aerial Yoga and Yoga Trapeze in London.

Marina White Raven

Marina White Raven is a yoga instructor, performance mentor and artist based in London with 25 years experience working internationally as a performer and facilitator. She is a qualified Yoga teacher, Thai massage therapist, mind and body coach, socially engaged artist and has worked with professionals, creatives and athletes of all ages, as well as people coping with learning difficulties, mental illness, addictions and imprisonment. An established teacher with a unique style; communicating with clarity, depth and her own creative flair.

Marina studied for 3 years with the British Wheel of Yoga and Derek Thorne and is a member of Yogaliving. Other training includes Theravada Buddhism and Relational Gestalt at Esalen institute, California and Thai massage at ITM, Chiang Mai. Marina is currently training for a Leadership and management level 5 diploma in coaching and mentoring.

Marina has taught and developed courses in performance, improvisation, creative writing and creativity management to adults and teenagers in schools, arts centres, residential courses and in the community.

Marina is committed to making holistic wellbeing and happiness available to everybody.

Rachel James

Rachel teaches hatha flow yoga as a meditative and strengthening practice; classes start with sitting and pranayama. The asana practice combines precision with awareness of the breath using simple vayu techniques that reconnect body, mind and movement. She aims to inspire all levels to work from the inside out, to cultivate a focused and centered practice.
Rachel started practicing yoga in 1996 while traveling in India. On her return to London she continued to study with Sama Fabian, completing a four year teacher training with her in 2003.
Rachel then studied with Dona Holleman, and has recently completed a second teacher training of 800 hrs with Orit Sen Gupta of Vijnana yoga. Orit’s research and integration of the vayu practice in Vijnana Yoga has been both transformative and central in Rachel’s teaching and practice.

She believes the practice of sitting, pranayama, asana and study of traditional text to be the foundation of a wholesome and transformative practice.