The Yoga Body Centre based at Clapton Pond just off Lower Clapton Road has been serving the local community for six years – offering both Yoga and Pilates to a very wide client base, ages from 0-75 and still counting. Class prices are kept deliberately low, so that the classes are accessible to the whole community. There are discounts available for students and pensioners – 10 & 5 Class discount cards are available for both 60 minute and 90 minute classes day time and evening.

Classes open to the public at the studio are: Ante and Postnatal, Beginners Hatha and Ashtanga, Iyengar, Dynamic Flow, mixed ability Hatha, Kundalini, Recuperative, Restorative, Vijnana, as well as two Levels of Pilates.

We also teach private sessions to the teachers at both Mossbourne Academy and B6 Sixth Form College. One of our most successful community ventures has been the 6th Form Enrichment Program for the 16 & 17 year olds – who come for a ten week course.

The space has also been used by local Artists, Photographers, Musicians and Film makers for shoots and rehearsal space. If you require information please email us.


Something stretchy or loose fitting is ideal. A warm top and socks for relaxation after the practice.

Just yourself – in suitable clothing – all equipment is provided – but most people prefer their own mat if they practice long term. For Pre & Post Natal classes you may wish to bring a soft blanket and some small toys for the baby . You will alos need a change mat and nappy sack, just in case.

Pre & Post Natal FAQs

Something stretchy or loose fitting is ideal. A warm top and socks for relaxation after the practice.

Yes if your doctor has said its ok and you are not too exhausted. We recommend that you do our Ante Natal Yoga classes, especially if you are new to yoga. These classes are gentle, safe and appropriate for pregnancy. You can commence Ante Natal Yoga from 14 weeks.

If you have a regular, established practice & your teacher is happy to give you suitable modifications, you may choose to carry on in a regular class – but remember that pregnancy is not the time to expand your practice.  However, you should be aware that some classes are not suitable for pregnant women (Asthanga as it is a high heat practice & Pilates as your abdominal muscles need to lengthen in pregnancy, rather than draw in).  Also some teachers do not accept pregnant women in their classes, so do check.
Bear in mind, that even if you have an established yoga practice, you need to be aware that the embryo attaches to the uterine wall between 12 & 14 weeks, so should only commence yoga classes after 14 weeks. In yoga, the pranic energy of early pregnancy is very important. So if you have an established yoga practice and wish to do your own yoga practice, it should be extremely gentle and definitely no inversions.
sYou are responsible for your own body. Consult your doctor prior to undertaking any exercise program.

Babies lie on blankets, next to, or in front of mums.  You can choose to integrate your baby into your practice (the teacher will instruct how to do this) or just let them sleep or play with their toys.

Don’t worry, you can breast or bottle feed during the class & the teacher may advise on gentle pelvic floor and breathing techniques which can be done while you feel baby.

You can change baby in the studio but please use your own change mat.

Normally after your 6-week check up, but confirm with your doctor. After a C section, probably best to resume after 10 weeks, but again check with your doctor. Remember that there are still many changes going on in the body – it is important to nurture yourself mentally and physically. If you are breast-feeding, this can take an extra 500 calories a day. And breast-feeding or not, there are many changes going on! Remember that delivering a baby takes a toll on a woman’s body, whether it was vaginally or C-section (even after a C section you need to be aware of regaining pelvic floor, as baby was pushing down on pelvic floor throughout your pregnancy). It takes approximately 40 weeks to gestate a baby. And then in a matter of hours or days, the baby is out and you are left with a new version of your self. Think of it as being pregnant for 40 weeks, and so 40 weeks to regain my new, different body. Be kind and gentle on yourself, and long term, this is the best approach.

Car seats can brought up to the studio but please be aware the studio is on the 3rd floor.  Buggies can be left downstairs or in the Organic Café across the road.  The other easiest option is a baby sling.